My hope and prayer is that these stories of hope will inspire you to seek a deeper relationship with God and realize that even though the darkness seems too much to bear, you are stronger and braver than you know. You are loved by someone who died for you. You are not alone. Your story isn’t over. You are worthy. You were created with purpose. You are beautiful.

The following stories recount personal struggles, conversations, thoughts, and prayers I feel God has put on my heart to share. I’ve had a recurring message ever since a specific moment in 2016 that I’ll share with you in the following pages. God has continued to say, “Just share your story.” Through reliving these struggles and experiences, I’ve learned some things that can help others.

I would love for every word in this book to sink into the depths of your soul and light a fire there; however, if you get nothing else, my deepest prayer is that you, my friend, know you are not alone. No matter how alone you feel, you aren’t. God created you. He loved you enough to send his Son to die for you.